Resources for Service Providers

OUR FREE PDF BOOKLET with live links to authoritative sources (DOJ, HUD, Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law): combines many of the pages of this website in one downloadable, easy-to-print, easy to e-mail (PLEASE distribute widely!) form.

Rx for Joy Can be Written by Any Therapist in the U.S. Blog post about how therapists as well as medical doctors can easily aid a person with a disability in getting an emotional support animal. (includes sample doctor's/therapist's letter)   Judge David L. Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law -- excellent, trustworthy site for information on the laws.   See especially:

Fair Housing Information Sheet # 6 Right to Emotional Support Animals in "No Pet" Housing (includes SAMPLE DOCTOR'S LETTER)

 Best Friends for Life: Humane Housing for Animals and People  This booklet from the Doris Day Animal League explains the federal laws that protect the rights of people to keep pets in all federally-assisted housing, and if  disabled, the right to an assistive animal in all types of rental housing. Chapters include "Disabilities and Assisted Housing," "Disabilities and Privately-Owned Housing," "Pets and Assisted Housing," and "Pets and Privately Owned Housing."  Relatively easy to read compared with other sources of the same information.

Does your client want his/her service or emotional support dog to help at work?  See our Dogs in the Workplace page (note: info on this page may be relevant for animals other than dogs as well) 

Articles by and for Professionals:

Connecticut-Specific Resources:

  • Pets on Wheels Connecticut -
    This organization makes pet expenses and transportation affordable for people with limited income.  They work with providers like doctors, therapists, social workers, case workers, etc.
  • Connecticut Fair Housing Center -
    This organization can help with landlord issues for people who want emotional support animals or service dogs in no-pets housing.