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Best Friends for Life: Humane Housing for Animals and People  This booklet from the Doris Day Animal League explains the federal laws that protect your right to keep pets in all federally-assisted housing, and if you are disabled, your right to an assistive animal in all types of rental housing. Chapters include "Disabilities and Assisted Housing," "Disabilities and Privately-Owned Housing," "Pets and Assisted Housing," and "Pets and Privately Owned Housing."  Relatively easy to read compared with other sources of the same information.   Judge David L. Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law -- excellent, trustworthy site for information on the laws.  Here are a couple of relevant pages on that site:

Fair Housing Information Sheet # 6 Right to Emotional Support Animals in "No Pet" Housing (includes SAMPLE DOCTOR'S LETTER)

December 8, 2009 Action Alert. -- Rules on Travel with Emotional Support Animals Are Discriminatory A Yale professor writes about the positive effects of walking a dog.  

'Sit! Stay! Snuggle!': An Iraq Vet Finds His Dog Tuesday  (Wall Street Journal Article About a Psychiatric Service Dog)

Scientific study published on America Psychological Association site: The Truth About Cats and Dogs: Pets Are Good for Mental Health of ‘Everyday People’ Study finds thinking about one’s pet is as beneficial as thinking about friends